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All dance, all local, all the time: dancepanorama is your community’s dance scene on the web. Social networks among friends are great, but our art deserves a wider audience. By increasing visibility for dance and related activity, we open our world to those in our own backyards. Tell the community about the classes you offer, special workshops and events, and of course, performances! Network with other arts and business groups in your area. Can greater visibility and connectivity in your area add up to more enthusiasm and support for dance? It’s up to you! The site is the platform, now get out and build!


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· I am a student. How do I participate?
· What if someone publishes something that is negative or untrue about me, my organization or my work, or something that is inappropriate for students’ viewing?
· How do you pay for this site?

Browse listings and events in your area
Click ‘region’ in the bottom menu and type your zip code. To see another region, type an applicable zip code. To see content from all regions, type ‘ALL’ in the zip code box. If your region has not yet been added, and you would like to serve as area manager, OR if you find a zip code connected to an incorrect region, please get in touch with us: info@dancepanorama.com.

Signing up
All users who wish to post content, including blogs & discussion comments, must sign up. Click ‘sign up’ and you will be prompted to create a user ID and password, and to choose your category for posting. Note that only three categories (studio manager, company manager, or venue manager) can list and upload content for those entities. Receive our confirmation email, click through to activate (or copy and paste the code into the confirmation field if necessary). Initial registration will automatically bring you to the ‘sign in’ page, with options for what to do next. Start by adding information to your profile. On all subsequent visits, click ‘sign in’ if you wish to post anything. The fact that your region shows on the home page does not mean you are logged in.

Entering/editing info for studios, companies, and venues

If you have signed up as a studio manager, company manager, or venue manager, you will be authorized to create listings and to upload content for your organization. Click ‘list a studio/company/venue’. There may be a slight delay in the appearance of these listings, as a safeguard against mischief (delays may be longer on weekends). If you don’t see your listing on the site right away, be assured that the data you entered is still stored on the server, and will be visible once approved. Enter the basics – location, contact info, etc. – and then add images. Clicking ‘logo’, ‘photos’, or ‘videos’ will bring a prompt to browse your hard drive or other storage device. Select from a directory and click ‘upload’. Supported file formats and maximum file size are specified onscreen. Caption the photo. Include a photo credit whenever possible. Copy a link to the link field. Links can be other websites, facebook pages, or dancepanorama listings pages. Click ‘save’ and then click ‘done’. You may upload as many pictures and videos as you like. There is no charge for hosting these. You may leave them there indefinitely, remove them, or add to your collection periodically. Bear in mind that fresh content keeps people interested in your pages.

Featuring Content
Sign in and click ‘enter/edit info’. Click the appropriate edit button: studio, company, or venue. Note that the word ‘studio’ is used on this page as an umbrella term for any teaching space. Click ‘your photos’ and upload a new one, or choose one that is already uploaded, and click ‘feature on our homepage’. Specify post date and duration and click ‘save’. You will be transferred to PayPal for payment processing, and then back to a dancepanorama confirmation screen.

Once you have signed up and are signed in, click ‘your posts’ under ‘contribute’ on the right side menu of the blogs page. On the next screen, click ‘write a new post’ on the right side of the page. Before submitting, double check that the correct box is checked in the ‘categories’ window, below the posting area. Include tags to facilitate topic searches. To upload pictures, video, audio and/or other media to your entry, click the icons in the tab just above the ‘post’ window. The icons are next to the phrase ‘add media’.

Forum Discussions
Once you have signed up and are signed in, click on the forums page that corresponds to your registration status. You can create a new topic or reply to an existing topic by clicking on it.

Tech Support
Email us at help@dancepanorama.com. If you prefer to work by phone, include a contact number.

There is no charge for listing of private studios, school programs, college/university programs, performing groups & venues. This includes basic information (location, schedules, etc.) and publication of photos & videos. You may optionally purchase featured space on the home page slideshow, or purchase paid advertising space on the home page or on some inside pages. Contact your dancepanorama area manager, or info@dancepanorama.com for rates.


Q: I am a student. How do I participate?
A: Blogs and forums are your two main outlets. Special opportunities (like photography & essay contests) will also become available from time to time. Contributing regular blog entries, in addition to sharpening your writing and exposition skills, may make you eligible for extra academic credit and are certainly worthy of mention on college applications. Exchanges in the forums may help you learn, or give you the opportunity to help others. Anything that is a productive exchange of ideas with the community is fine on the site.

Q: What if someone publishes something that is negative or untrue about me, my organization or my work, or something that is inappropriate for students’ viewing?
A: The site administrators will strive to vet all published material for civility, appropriateness and balance. There will be zero tolerance for rudeness and invective. Within these boundaries, it is possible for people to voice opinions that reflect real experiences. Please alert us (alert@dancepanorama.com) of any violations, and we will take the material down for review.

Q: How do you pay for this site?
A: The home page offers paid feature opportunities for photos and video and there are advertising spaces available for sale on the home page and on inside pages. Promotional services (such as ticket promotions) are available, on either a project or a contract basis. If you simply like this idea and would like to support it with a donation, thank you:
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